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gTLD Digital Brand Strategy Expert Jennifer Wolfe Named to Premier 2012 DirectWomen Board Institute Program

Cincinnati, OH – 12 November 2012

Wolfe domain, the leading gTLD digital brand strategy company, announced today that President Jennifer Wolfe was named to the 2012 Women Direct Management Institutes program. The Board Institute, held earlier this month, identifies and promotes qualified lawyers to serve on corporate boards of directors. As a trusted gTLD strategy consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, Wolfe enters the program as one of 22 accomplished attorneys with proven business models of knowledge and experience.

Its hard to capture Jens-value package in one sentence, but it is a unique combination of business, managing partner of his own law firm and intellectual property strategists for both emerging growth companies and Fortune 500 companies, said Mary Ann Jorgenson, Chair of Women Direct. Recently, our Board visited institutions led by a faculty of public company CEOs and directors and executive search firm, and adds heft to Direct Womens Executive Director of the Board-ready candidates.

Currently in its fifth year, the Board Direct Women Institute is developing a two-day program to a group of exceptional senior position lawyers for service as directors of major U.S. corporations. Cover key issues including the current and future directors Management Institutes Faculty leading experts on corporate governance and experienced directors and senior executives of large public companies.

I am very honored to join the exceptional female leaders of the Board Direct Women Institute and look forward to sharing my expertise and strengthen previous company as director, said Wolfe. This program emphasizes the importance of effective corporate governance as it is crucial for organizations long-term success.

Wolfe started Wolfe Domain end of 2011 a comprehensive guide to global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars, and provide legal services representatives, anchored on the establishment and development of holistic gTLD, name brand strategies for the next generation of the Internet. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives.

About Wolfe domain

Wolfe domain is a gTLD digital brand strategy consulting firm offering comprehensive consulting for global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars and legal services representatives establishing a holistic gTLD names enshrined brand strategy for the next generation of the Internet. With thousands of new gTLD names set in 2013 and start a whole new set of rules on the Internet, was Wolfe Domain created to help Fortune 1000 and emerging growth organizations continue to develop and strengthen their brand identities in this next generation of digital commitment, regardless of whether they applied for gTLDs. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Visit http://www.wolfedomain.com for more information.

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Dallas retirement planner expands online presence using digital strategy developed by Christopher Oliver agency.

Addison, TX – 3 December 2012

Dallas developed retirement planner expands online presence with digital strategy by Christopher Oliver Agency. Jack Shea Shea Wealth Care relocated office in Dallas, TX, as he implements developed online marketing and promotion system of Christopher Oliver.

retirement planner and a teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) specialist Jack Shea had specific needs that must be met in order to communicate his message to potential customers through its online presence. By emphasizing its niche specialties such as his experience with 403 (b) and 457 plans that we be able to do it only allowed a strategy to that at a surprisingly low cost. Could develop, says Christopher Oliver, digital strategist.

The heart of the online strategy of content managed website, Jack Shea and his company is to add or change pages in the site at any time without the need for a webmaster makes.

planning and investment is like any journey. You Dont get there by a straight line (such as a buy-and-hold strategy for investment). Sometimes you have to dodge to avoid potholes on your way. Sometimes you have to (sell and re-balance) a detour to safely take to your destination. Sometimes you have to zero mph (read below cash) to go at a red light, but you know, that’s the sure way to ultimately where you want to risk to radiation through the red light and a significant negative get. And sometimes you have in a long traffic jam because of something you put nothing to do with how an accident or construction. But the goal is to keep your eyes on the prize. A comfortable retirement (or whatever target) is the ultimate goal. Working with Christopher Oliver agency helped me to convey this message through my online presence. “Says Jack Shea, Dallas retirement planner.

Jack Shea is an experienced retirement planners and financial advisors serving the Dallas area. His new office is located at 15305 Dallas Pkwy Shea Wealth Care., Ste. 300 Dallas, TX 75001-6470. His office number (972) 455-2855. For more information about the Shea Wealthcare Dallas investment professionals sheawealthcare.com visit the website.

Christopher Oliver Agency is an online marketing and interactive agency, the digital strategy, content managed websites, SCO strategies and software for large and small businesses develop. For more information about the agency visit Christopher Christopher Oliver Oliver.com.