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Interactivity Digital Releases New Round of Speakers

Myrtle Beach, SC – 13 November 2012

Interactivity Digital, a digital marketing conference, the 15th of interactivity on marketing May to 16 Hosted 2013 in South Beach, FL, a new round of speakers announced today. John Doherty of Distilled, Scott Brinker, ion interactive Listrak CEO Ross Kramer and Jen Lopez Sabel SEOmoz are all scheduled to present at the conference.

“We are pleased, Scott, Ross, Jen and John welcome,” said interactivity marketing president Gary Henderson. “One of our goals with this conference is to include presentations from a variety of smart digital marketers, so we can cover a range of topics. We have made great progress towards this goal and can not wait to announce more speakers next week . “

John Doherty, an SEO Consultant and Head of the New York City office is distilled. As an SEO, it is in the technical aspects of websites well-versed, but intense curiosity about all aspects of online marketing. An avid writer, he can be all over the Internet, but primarily on SEOmoz, found distilled, and his personal website.

Scott Brinker President and Chief Technology Officer of ions is interactive. Founded in 1998, ion interactive provides advanced landing page software that maximizes pay-per-click search, email and online advertising performance. Ion web-based platform, LIVEBALL allows creating marketing departments and agencies to test and analyze landing pages, conversion paths and microsites all support without the help of IT or developers.

Ross Kramer is a co-founder and CEO of Listrak. He has nearly 15 years of management team, the successful implementation and management of three technology start-ups. Ross has led Listrak from concept to leading email marketing solutions provider for online retailers, interactive agencies and advertisers. Ross is a pioneer in the online marketing community and lends his expertise to conferences, seminars and webcasts. He is also a frequent contributor to the e-mail best practices and products can be found in eM + C, Adweek, Internet Retailer, MarketingProfs, Website Magazine, Direct Magazine and other publications.


Jen Lopez, experienced Social Media Strategist, SEO, web developer, speaker and writer, is the Director of Community for SEOmoz. Jen brings a unique skill set in the field of search engine optimization and online community management. She began her search career as in-house technical SEO and has shown at several SMX, MozCon presented Affiliate Conference and Jane and Robot Search Developer Summit.

themes of interactivity Digital include search engine optimization, paid search marketing, conversion rate optimization, email and social media marketing, and analytics. Previously announced speakers include Rand Fishkin, Marty Weintraub, Alan Bleiweiss and Peter Shankman.

Tickets are currently on sale.

About Interactivity Digital

digital interactivity is an event with the intention of. the entire digital marketing industry forward by using mind-blowing speakers, expert panels, and Once in a Lifetime networking opportunities developed With only 150 tickets available, promises to be one of the most exclusive interactive digital digital marketing conferences on the east coast.

About Interactivity Marketing

in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina headquarters is Interactivity Marketing is a fully integrated digital advertising and marketing agency, branding, print, web design and development, search engine and provides social media marketing, and marketing strategy for clients in the throughout the nation. Regarded as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the Southeast continue interactivity marketing to attract customers and measurable new ways by implementing innovative and creative marketing strategies and solutions for its customers.

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gTLD Digital Brand Strategist Jennifer Wolfe Releases New Book “Domain Names Rewired”

Cincinnati, Ohio – 15 November 2012

A highly anticipated second act for generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) digital brand strategist Jennifer Wolfe and former U.S. Commissioner of Trade Marks, Anne Chasser Wolfe domain, the leading gTLD digital brand strategy company, today announced the release of “domain Names Rewired. “after the successful release of” Brand Rewired “in 2009

Delivering a clear message to brands that the Internet will experience a complete paradigm shift more than 1,400 new gTLDs will start in 2013, “Domain Names Rewired” details the most critical digital strategies for brands to build and protect their organizations’ interests .

Largely under the radar of even the most demanding and savvy business people, when starting a new Internet in 2013, companies of all sizes is a tutorial on how you need to respond, said Wolfe. Organizations digital strategies must evolve to which domain names they use, and how they evaluate combine social media, apps and other mobile technologies. The next generation Internet is upon us, and brands need to engage or be left behind.

“Domain Names Rewired” encompasses the business communitys response to the program, opportunities, new business models and what is needed to defend trademarks in this new regime. In addition, authors interviewed Wolfe Chasser and the global leader in commercial organizations to identify business, technology, and other thought leaders such as Microsoft, Verizon Communications, Neustar, Proctor & Gamble and RE / MAX and predict trends. Based on their research, some trends emerged:

? Many of the generic TLDs business will fail and new business models, as well as in. Com era.
? It merger and acquisition activities will be increased, as large companies that have not been applied to companies that apply and successful strategies will look to acquire done.
? This is likely to spawn innovative activity. An increase in IPOs of companies that are ready to perform properly IPOs follow always innovative and disruptive technology as a quick way to generate capital and grow at an accelerated rate.
? Elimination of cable and traditional television will accelerate. A few trusted sources is emerging as aggregators of content. Consumers choose a handful of sites and apps they trust to their entire life cycle and to manage online world.
? Brick and mortar retailers have become a target source of entertainment in the direction of consumers continue to visit the actual location decisions. They will also need to use their in-store experience online savings bond for consumers buying other products.
? There will be new ways of navigating the Internet and access to communities and apps, and will result in disruptive innovation. Search do not die, but it needs to evolve.

Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel for Microsoft writes, “Domain Names Rewired takes a theme so far for upcoming release specialistsICANN of over 1,000 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), reserved and makes clear why everyone else should take care of them, and as they about the dangers and opportunities to think that the resulting new Internet showcase for her and her company. With full command of the technical aspects of the subject and keen awareness of the relevant historical precedents , Wolfe and Chasser magic of the impact of new regulation on existing Internet business models and predicting the emergence of new. Just as in the settlement of the American West, opened open the new borders of ICANN regime doors to a new generation of pioneers, cowboys, trappers is prospectors and miners. Like their predecessors in American history, only those who are well prepared for the new environment successfully. Read Domain Names Rewired is a great way to start the preparation. “

by Wiley & Sons, “Domain Names Rewired” is available at Amazon.com.

Wolfe started Wolfe Domain end of 2011 a comprehensive guide to global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars, and provide legal services representatives, anchored on the establishment and development of holistic gTLD, name brand strategies for the next generation of the Internet. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Wolfe is also a member of ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization prestigious (GNSO) Council, the policy development body responsible for developing and recommending substantive policies relating to gTLDs to ICANN’s Board.

About Wolfe domain

Wolfe domain is a gTLD digital brand strategy consulting firm offering comprehensive consulting for global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars and legal services representatives establishing a holistic gTLD names enshrined brand strategy for the next generation of the Internet. With thousands of new gTLD names set in 2013 and start a whole new set of rules on the Internet, was Wolfe Domain created to help Fortune 1000 and emerging growth organizations continue to develop and strengthen their brand identities in this next generation of digital commitment, regardless of whether they applied for gTLDs. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Visit http://www.wolfedomain.com for more information.

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