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Kevin Hourigan Named Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce 2012 Outstanding Small Business Leader of the Year

Tampa, FL and Denver, CO – 22 October 2012

Bayshore Solutions Kevin Hourigan was at the 32th annual Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce on as Tampa Bay’s Small Business Leader of the Year in the Small Business recognized the Year Awards evening at the Tampa Convention Center, 28th September. More than 850 people attended the services of Tampa Bay’s small businesses at the event to celebrate.

The Small Business of the Year (SBOY) Awards annually pays tribute to companies with fewer than 250 employees and their respective managers. Companies and executives are recognized on the basis of financial success, community involvement and ethical business practices. Each candidate will be written statements, personal interviews and a site visit by the ICC judges in a 6-month trial of the excellent selection every year evaluated. The importance of participating in Tampa Bay’s economic engine, these companies are definitely worth celebrating.

out in January 1996, Kevin Hourigan and two partners to set companies enter the online marketplace. After bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000, Kevin led the company through the crisis, too fat, and free of debt growth to achieve by 2012. Bayshore Solutions provides complete digital marketing services and expertise, including: web design, web development, hosting and internet marketing (search engine, social media and content marketing).

The company has many industry awards, including Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year for Customer Service Excellence, consistently named by BtoB Magazine Top U.S. Interactive agencies earned, and the only Florida company, Advertising Age Magazine to achieve top U.S. Interactive Agencies Listing following nine consecutive years.

This is has received the second Small Business of the Year Award Bayshore Solutions from Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. In 2007 the company won Business of the Year for its solid growth, innovative service and corporate citizenship.


video clips from this Outstanding Small Business Leader of the Year event display, please click:

About Bayshore Solutions

Web Design Agency Bayshore Solutions, offers award-winning capabilities in custom web design, website development, e-commerce and internet marketing. Established in 1996, the site design company has delivered custom Web applications and interactive marketing services in the U.S. and internationally. Headquartered in Tampa, the company has a web development and internet marketing delivery team in his Denver, Colorado office and physical offices accessible to Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Dade County and Broward County in Florida. Bayshore Solutions integrates technology and Internet marketing services to ensure measurable results for clients. For more information on website design and Internet marketing services visit http://www.BayshoreSolutions.com.

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gTLD Digital Brand Strategy Expert Jennifer Wolfe Named to Premier 2012 DirectWomen Board Institute Program

Cincinnati, OH – 12 November 2012

Wolfe domain, the leading gTLD digital brand strategy company, announced today that President Jennifer Wolfe was named to the 2012 Women Direct Management Institutes program. The Board Institute, held earlier this month, identifies and promotes qualified lawyers to serve on corporate boards of directors. As a trusted gTLD strategy consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, Wolfe enters the program as one of 22 accomplished attorneys with proven business models of knowledge and experience.

Its hard to capture Jens-value package in one sentence, but it is a unique combination of business, managing partner of his own law firm and intellectual property strategists for both emerging growth companies and Fortune 500 companies, said Mary Ann Jorgenson, Chair of Women Direct. Recently, our Board visited institutions led by a faculty of public company CEOs and directors and executive search firm, and adds heft to Direct Womens Executive Director of the Board-ready candidates.

Currently in its fifth year, the Board Direct Women Institute is developing a two-day program to a group of exceptional senior position lawyers for service as directors of major U.S. corporations. Cover key issues including the current and future directors Management Institutes Faculty leading experts on corporate governance and experienced directors and senior executives of large public companies.

I am very honored to join the exceptional female leaders of the Board Direct Women Institute and look forward to sharing my expertise and strengthen previous company as director, said Wolfe. This program emphasizes the importance of effective corporate governance as it is crucial for organizations long-term success.

Wolfe started Wolfe Domain end of 2011 a comprehensive guide to global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars, and provide legal services representatives, anchored on the establishment and development of holistic gTLD, name brand strategies for the next generation of the Internet. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives.

About Wolfe domain

Wolfe domain is a gTLD digital brand strategy consulting firm offering comprehensive consulting for global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars and legal services representatives establishing a holistic gTLD names enshrined brand strategy for the next generation of the Internet. With thousands of new gTLD names set in 2013 and start a whole new set of rules on the Internet, was Wolfe Domain created to help Fortune 1000 and emerging growth organizations continue to develop and strengthen their brand identities in this next generation of digital commitment, regardless of whether they applied for gTLDs. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Visit http://www.wolfedomain.com for more information.

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Named Agency of Record, Shine Begins Brand Revitalization for Park Bank

Madison, WI – 10 Appointed in December 2012

United Services Agency was record for park bench, a Madison-based community bank with over $ 700 million in assets and eleven branches throughout Dane County.

We looked for a partner agency, such as a brand crystallize importance and accelerate their impact in the marketplace knows us, Ceci said Anderson, vice president of marketing. With Shine, we know we will always be an agency with a proven history of developing comprehensive, sophisticated marketing platforms with strong, fresh creative that help to catapult growing brands to the next level.?

service was to include a brand revitalization, marketing and brand strategy, traditional media, digital, public relations, media planning and buying, social media and promotional component is asked to do. This comes on the heels Shines previous relationship with the park bench from 2004-2007, when the agency was working, the brand, including a brand platform and identity.


It is always refreshing, with a customer, it is important, not only to talk, but also walk the walk is to do work, said Curt Hanke, co-founder and managing director of account services. Park Bank has dedicated its activities to a compassionate, thoughtful Bank in a category that does not often make no sense. As such were to help them continue to infuse their brand again thrilled with meaning.

About United


Services United is a $ 35 million advertising, design and interactive agency in Madison, Wisconsin. The privately held company’s customer base includes national brands such as Harley-Davidson, Carver Yachts, Wisconsin Cheese and Winston Fly Rods. Service is driven creative results, focused and dedicated to building passion between people and brands. Learn more at shineunited.com. Shine on.


Park Bank

Park Bank of Madison, Wisconsin is a community bank with over $ 700 million in assets and a growing network of offices throughout Dane County. Park Banks commitment to their customers and their loyalty to the community continues to serve the expansion of a branch in Madison go 46 years fuel.

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Thirty Best SEO Companies in Australia Named by topseos.com.au for January 2013

7th – January, 2013

topseos.com.au The independent authority on search vendors, their list of the 30 best SEO companies in Australia published for the month of January 2013. While thousands of companies included in the evaluations are every month, only the 30 best offer SEO services in Australia in the rankings marked every month. The latest edition of the rankings consist of the latest developments and research results from the online marketing industry. Businesses use the list to find reliable SEO companies that have a history of achievements and successes.

thirty best SEO companies in Australia for January 2013 are:

1) ROI.com.au

2) Mercurian media

3) Web Profits

4) QuantumLinx Pty Ltd.

5) DGM Australia

6) Acidgreen

7) Salsa Digital

8) Company SEO Services Australia

9) Websight Australia

10) SEO Company Sydney

11) Rotapix Interactive Media

12) Sigma Infotech

13) TopRankings

14) Search Engine Experts Pty Ltd

15) Arrow Internet Marketing

16) Move Ahead Media

17) Web Marketing Experts

18) ineedhits.com Pty Ltd.

19) ranked first

20) Net Starter

21) RedFly Marketing

22) E-Web Marketing

23) SEO Works

24) Exa Web Solutions

25) papdan.com

26) HGWS Digital Media

27) Amplify

28) Mitash Results Driven Interactive Agency

29) Dejan SEO

30) Clear Light Digital

rankings published every month the latest changes and developments in the present evaluation and research processes. Five areas of evaluation are used to benchmark the services provided by individual companies, which include on page optimization, off-page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis and reporting methods. In addition, reference customers will be contacted to learn more about the various SEO companies and identify the strengths and competitive advantages of each competing SEO companies.

About topseos.com

topseos.com is a well-known independent authority on search vendors. Established in 2002, the goal of topseos.com is to recognize and rank those individuals or companies. The best online marketing services all over the world A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are trying to be as a top internet marketing service provider by the independent authority. This website is visited daily by thousands of visitors all over the world looking for the best services available. The website also provides various types of facilities other than the independent rankings which provide useful information to customers and providers of online marketing services.

SEO companies in Australia are evaluated and ranked interested, you can visit:


To the best SEO companies in Australia visit: