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gTLD Digital Brand Strategist Jennifer Wolfe Releases New Book “Domain Names Rewired”

Cincinnati, Ohio – 15 November 2012

A highly anticipated second act for generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) digital brand strategist Jennifer Wolfe and former U.S. Commissioner of Trade Marks, Anne Chasser Wolfe domain, the leading gTLD digital brand strategy company, today announced the release of “domain Names Rewired. “after the successful release of” Brand Rewired “in 2009

Delivering a clear message to brands that the Internet will experience a complete paradigm shift more than 1,400 new gTLDs will start in 2013, “Domain Names Rewired” details the most critical digital strategies for brands to build and protect their organizations’ interests .

Largely under the radar of even the most demanding and savvy business people, when starting a new Internet in 2013, companies of all sizes is a tutorial on how you need to respond, said Wolfe. Organizations digital strategies must evolve to which domain names they use, and how they evaluate combine social media, apps and other mobile technologies. The next generation Internet is upon us, and brands need to engage or be left behind.

“Domain Names Rewired” encompasses the business communitys response to the program, opportunities, new business models and what is needed to defend trademarks in this new regime. In addition, authors interviewed Wolfe Chasser and the global leader in commercial organizations to identify business, technology, and other thought leaders such as Microsoft, Verizon Communications, Neustar, Proctor & Gamble and RE / MAX and predict trends. Based on their research, some trends emerged:

? Many of the generic TLDs business will fail and new business models, as well as in. Com era.
? It merger and acquisition activities will be increased, as large companies that have not been applied to companies that apply and successful strategies will look to acquire done.
? This is likely to spawn innovative activity. An increase in IPOs of companies that are ready to perform properly IPOs follow always innovative and disruptive technology as a quick way to generate capital and grow at an accelerated rate.
? Elimination of cable and traditional television will accelerate. A few trusted sources is emerging as aggregators of content. Consumers choose a handful of sites and apps they trust to their entire life cycle and to manage online world.
? Brick and mortar retailers have become a target source of entertainment in the direction of consumers continue to visit the actual location decisions. They will also need to use their in-store experience online savings bond for consumers buying other products.
? There will be new ways of navigating the Internet and access to communities and apps, and will result in disruptive innovation. Search do not die, but it needs to evolve.

Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel for Microsoft writes, “Domain Names Rewired takes a theme so far for upcoming release specialistsICANN of over 1,000 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), reserved and makes clear why everyone else should take care of them, and as they about the dangers and opportunities to think that the resulting new Internet showcase for her and her company. With full command of the technical aspects of the subject and keen awareness of the relevant historical precedents , Wolfe and Chasser magic of the impact of new regulation on existing Internet business models and predicting the emergence of new. Just as in the settlement of the American West, opened open the new borders of ICANN regime doors to a new generation of pioneers, cowboys, trappers is prospectors and miners. Like their predecessors in American history, only those who are well prepared for the new environment successfully. Read Domain Names Rewired is a great way to start the preparation. “

by Wiley & Sons, “Domain Names Rewired” is available at Amazon.com.

Wolfe started Wolfe Domain end of 2011 a comprehensive guide to global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars, and provide legal services representatives, anchored on the establishment and development of holistic gTLD, name brand strategies for the next generation of the Internet. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Wolfe is also a member of ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization prestigious (GNSO) Council, the policy development body responsible for developing and recommending substantive policies relating to gTLDs to ICANN’s Board.

About Wolfe domain

Wolfe domain is a gTLD digital brand strategy consulting firm offering comprehensive consulting for global brands, interactive agencies, domain registrars and legal services representatives establishing a holistic gTLD names enshrined brand strategy for the next generation of the Internet. With thousands of new gTLD names set in 2013 and start a whole new set of rules on the Internet, was Wolfe Domain created to help Fortune 1000 and emerging growth organizations continue to develop and strengthen their brand identities in this next generation of digital commitment, regardless of whether they applied for gTLDs. With its proprietary digital mapping tool helps Wolfe domain brands and their partners develop digital brand management plans that make effective use of a new gTLD strategy as a basis for branding, social media and mobile initiatives. Visit http://www.wolfedomain.com for more information.

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JustEngage Inc. Acquired by Something Digital, a Dynamic Technology Services Boutique Effective December 3, 2012

Langhorne, PA – 26 November 2012

Just Mortgage, Inc., the leading social business development company for law firms and professional service organizations, today announced the acquisition of Something Digital (SD) in New York.

This partnership makes great sense, Kerry Scott Boll, President of Just Gage says. Just Gages practice and solutions paired with something Digitals depth and expertise strengthens our combined ability to design and deliver.

As part of the acquisition will come Something Digital Boll as a National Account Executive to support efforts to what law firms with all their web strategies, social media design, content development and all communications as it relates to technology. With a wide range of solutions, Kerry is now in a position to help, law firms with website design and production, office intranets, as well as blogs and mobile applications. For 13 years, SDs reputation for expert design, responsive customer service and long-term customer relationships made them a solid choice for small and large organizations.

Our team is a talented group of creative problem solvers, flexible in our approach and consistent in our delivery program, Jon Klonsky says founding principal of SD. We are really excited to help Kerry welcome you to our team, grow the legal and professional services industries.

Something About Digital

SD is a NYC-based technology services firm and interactive agency. Founded in 1999, combines SD technology to provide business and creative knowledge workers are excellent solutions for our customers. Our interactive practice focuses on the audience, bridging technology and design to improve usability. Understanding the importance of brand differentiation, SD craft compelling yet practical solutions that keep users engaged. Services include digital branding, website, intranet and mobile design and development, managed hosting, digital marketing (ie, SEO / SEM, social media and e-mail). NET and Microsoft, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM development. SDs project teams have certified professionals who place a premium on service and accountability, which is why our solutions to bear.

Kerry Scott Boll, President. Kerry has over 20 years experience in the legal community marketing, design and deployment of technologies. As part of the senior management team for a cloud computing company, provided it. Sales and marketing management through all phases of development from start-up through growth and a successful acquisition An experienced public speaker, has Kerry seminars and programs for the Association of Legal Administrators, the Montgomery Bar Association, the New York Bar Association, the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and Rotary International. Kerry’s expertise in assisting law firms and professional service companies are expanding their presence on the web and help focus to maximize their overall business development strategies. After 3rd December, you will be able to connect with Kerry on kboll (at) something digitally (dot) com.

About Just Gage, Inc.

Founded in January 2011, is, Just Mortgage, Inc. is a company dedicated to servicing the legal community to promote and educate how social media is redefining current and future customer communication. Our services are designed to transform their business major business development initiatives and a value proposition for your customers. Improving the return on investment firms Just Mortgage Services include strategic consulting, social business development, community building and branding, space, coaching and training, 2.0 workflow analysis, policy implementation, Blog development, marketing and public relations;. Social presence and social media monitoring staffing

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Dallas retirement planner expands online presence using digital strategy developed by Christopher Oliver agency.

Addison, TX – 3 December 2012

Dallas developed retirement planner expands online presence with digital strategy by Christopher Oliver Agency. Jack Shea Shea Wealth Care relocated office in Dallas, TX, as he implements developed online marketing and promotion system of Christopher Oliver.

retirement planner and a teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) specialist Jack Shea had specific needs that must be met in order to communicate his message to potential customers through its online presence. By emphasizing its niche specialties such as his experience with 403 (b) and 457 plans that we be able to do it only allowed a strategy to that at a surprisingly low cost. Could develop, says Christopher Oliver, digital strategist.

The heart of the online strategy of content managed website, Jack Shea and his company is to add or change pages in the site at any time without the need for a webmaster makes.

planning and investment is like any journey. You Dont get there by a straight line (such as a buy-and-hold strategy for investment). Sometimes you have to dodge to avoid potholes on your way. Sometimes you have to (sell and re-balance) a detour to safely take to your destination. Sometimes you have to zero mph (read below cash) to go at a red light, but you know, that’s the sure way to ultimately where you want to risk to radiation through the red light and a significant negative get. And sometimes you have in a long traffic jam because of something you put nothing to do with how an accident or construction. But the goal is to keep your eyes on the prize. A comfortable retirement (or whatever target) is the ultimate goal. Working with Christopher Oliver agency helped me to convey this message through my online presence. “Says Jack Shea, Dallas retirement planner.

Jack Shea is an experienced retirement planners and financial advisors serving the Dallas area. His new office is located at 15305 Dallas Pkwy Shea Wealth Care., Ste. 300 Dallas, TX 75001-6470. His office number (972) 455-2855. For more information about the Shea Wealthcare Dallas investment professionals sheawealthcare.com visit the website.

Christopher Oliver Agency is an online marketing and interactive agency, the digital strategy, content managed websites, SCO strategies and software for large and small businesses develop. For more information about the agency visit Christopher Christopher Oliver Oliver.com.

Fluid, Inc. Hires Two Digital Commerce Industry Experts to Fuel Business Development and Customer Growth

San Francisco, California – 11 December 2012

Fluid Inc., the digital shopping innovator, has two important new hires with the addition of Vanessa Rumbold took on the role of Executive Vice President, Client Services and Business Development, managing fluid – New York, and Angela Flynn, vice President of Customer Success, in its headquarters in San Francisco.

The collective expertise of Vanessa and Angie allows us to further expand momentum around our leadership in providing innovative digital shopping experiences, while a strong focus on our customers’ success, said Kent Deverell, CEO of Fluid.

New York, at the interactive agency Blast Radius (WPP) – Vanessa Rumbold

most recently as senior vice president and general manager, Client Partners served. Vanessa exploded under management Radiuss NY team grew from ten to more than 50 employees, with a corresponding increase in the revenue agency. In addition to a deep digital background Vanessa has extensive experience in direct marketing, advertising and media, across all industries. As effective and strategic leader, she has successfully made the transition from the traditional agencies / direct marketing led, digital, developed new digital service offerings for clients (including the content, social media and mobile) and created significant growth. In addition to her role as Managing Director of Fluid New York, Vanessa is responsible for establishing, maintaining and building account relationships and leading business development for the agency services business in North America.

I am very excited to join the team liquids, Vanessa said Rumbold. We have an incredible business deeply rooted in digital shopping, with large customers. I see a fantastic opportunity to our expertise in this area to build, as customers expect more and find ways to get involved and, importantly, to make marks with.

fluids new vice president of customer success, Angela Flynn, most recently served as director of product management, global e-commerce at Walmart.com. Angie Walmart.com led teams to launch their first e-commerce business in China and provided a technology roadmap for Walmart.coms UK multi-channel retail business, including several important achievements. She has led the delivery teams in various e-commerce software company and launched more than two dozen e-commerce sites worldwide. In her new role as Vice President of Customer Success, Angie leverage over 20 years of software product and client delivery management will lead to implementation and engineering and customer support for liquids on-demand visual merchandising suite. Angie will be responsible for ensuring a productive and positive experience in all customer segments phases of liquid product implementations and use.

Angela Flynn said, the opportunity to bring innovative merchandising and personalized shopping experiences for our customers and their customers is inspiring. I’m excited to join in this exciting time fluid.

About Fluid

Our on-demand visual merchandising suite and award-winning digital agency services incite consumer action. Our work for world-class clients such as The North Face, brings Clorox, Gymboree, Benefit Cosmetics, JELD-WEN, Brooks Brothers and their brands to life, so that the digital shopping experience fun, vibrant, intuitive and social. Brands and retailers tap our combination of strategic consulting, custom design and development, and to engage our visual merchandising suite, convert and retain consumers with unique digital shopping experiences.

fluid is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and Chicago. For more information, visit http://www.fluid.com (Agency Services) or http://www.fluidretail.com (Visual Merchandising Suite) and follow us on Twitter @ Fluid or Facebook / FluidInc.

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